Cool or Creepy? I just found MyHeritage's Deep Nostalgia page where it's possible to upload a photograph of an ancestor and get a short animated video of what they may have looked like moving in real life. It's freaking cool, but a bit creepy, too. Here is the photograph I uploaded of my 2nd great grandfather, Deforest … Continue reading Cool or Creepy?

William Gilman’s Obituary

One of the best finds for a family historian is a long narrative obituary. The details within it can illuminate the dark passages of a distant relative's life. It's been a long while, almost a year and 2 months, since I posted on this blog. I had let my account lapse because I was … Continue reading William Gilman’s Obituary

Great Grandma Gilman’s Ginger Cookie Recipe

Great Grandma Clara Doty Gilman's recipe for ginger cookies. The recipe above is out of a family cookbook that Ella Gilman Jones' family put together. Ella was my grandmother's, Gladys Gilman Heselton's, younger sister. My dad and his cousin, Frank (Nina Gilman Morgan's son), remember sneaking some of these cookies from their grandmother's freezer at … Continue reading Great Grandma Gilman’s Ginger Cookie Recipe

Context: The Historical Currents that Moved Them … Maybe …

I drove over to Middletown Springs, Vermont on Sunday to a memorial gathering for my Dad's cousin, Corinne, who had passed away the previous Tuesday. The family in attendance all descended from the daughters of Leon Elstine and Clara Doty Gilman, my great grandparents. One of my Dad's cousins, Frank, is a lay preacher and … Continue reading Context: The Historical Currents that Moved Them … Maybe …

Interdisciplinarity and Perspectives

Stone wall bounding an old overgrown apple orchard at the Gilman Farm in Shrewsbury, VT One thing that I learned in grad school (thank you Goddard College!) is that interdisciplinarity underlies all successful research. Any topic can be looked at under the light of any discipline. Maybe that's too broad of a brush, but why … Continue reading Interdisciplinarity and Perspectives