Context: Family Farming

Mt. Pico, Mt. Killington, and Mt. Shrewsbury from Rutland R.R., Green Mountains(Picture credit:[1] I read an article this morning that got me thinking about the inherent acceptance of the family farm in the history of the American psyche. It seems to be a given that Americans just farmed. It's an idea that is backed … Continue reading Context: Family Farming


Context: Maple Sugaring in Vermont

(Photo © Casey Jennings) [Editor's Note: I am excited to have my first guest contributor! Introducing Casey Jennings, a Gilman cousin, possibly by birth but most definitely by practice, to talk about his experience and to give some historical context about maple sugaring in Vermont. I first met Casey on this blog a few months … Continue reading Context: Maple Sugaring in Vermont

Interdisciplinarity and Perspectives

Stone wall bounding an old overgrown apple orchard at the Gilman Farm in Shrewsbury, VT One thing that I learned in grad school (thank you Goddard College!) is that interdisciplinarity underlies all successful research. Any topic can be looked at under the light of any discipline. Maybe that's too broad of a brush, but why … Continue reading Interdisciplinarity and Perspectives

Simon Eaton Gilman of Merideth

On 19 Jan 1803 Simon Eaton Gilman purchased "A Certain forty Acre Lott of land laying in Gilmanton," NH from Abel Dudley for the "Sum of Forty Dollars." The said lot's location was "number three in the Sixth Range Second Division."[1] Lot 3 is the block below the word "Wares" that includes the four houses. … Continue reading Simon Eaton Gilman of Merideth

Examining an ThruLines DNA Connection

As much as I consume true crime documentaries and podcasts, I know that DNA is proof beyond doubt that once upon a time a certain individual was in a certain place to commit a crime. In genealogy a DNA match means that once upon a time two individuals were in the same place to create … Continue reading Examining an ThruLines DNA Connection