The Robinsons

Calvin Robinson was the grantee on the Life Lease that Simon and Abigail Gilman initiated on 20 December 1826. He was, essentially, Shrewsbury's first (or one of the first) real estate agents. I am slowly going through and looking at all of the land deeds in Shrewsbury where he was the grantee and am coming to … Continue reading The Robinsons

Telling the Bees

My second great grandfather, Augustus Willard Gilman, kept bees. In fact, according to the Gazetteer and Business Directory of Rutland County, Vt., for 1881-82, he had 50 hives.[1] This morning on my Facebook feed I came across an article about a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier called Telling the Bees.[2] The article discussed a Quaker tradition … Continue reading Telling the Bees