Interdisciplinarity and Perspectives

Stone wall bounding an old overgrown apple orchard at the Gilman Farm in Shrewsbury, VT One thing that I learned in grad school (thank you Goddard College!) is that interdisciplinarity underlies all successful research. Any topic can be looked at under the light of any discipline. Maybe that's too broad of a brush, but why … Continue reading Interdisciplinarity and Perspectives

Simon Eaton Gilman of Merideth

On 19 Jan 1803 Simon Eaton Gilman purchased "A Certain forty Acre Lott of land laying in Gilmanton," NH from Abel Dudley for the "Sum of Forty Dollars." The said lot's location was "number three in the Sixth Range Second Division."[1] Lot 3 is the block below the word "Wares" that includes the four houses. … Continue reading Simon Eaton Gilman of Merideth

1st Cousins 1x Removed

Blaisdells are all over the place! And there are way too many John Blaisdells in particular. The first one I found was my 5th great grandfather, Abigail's father, who was a private in the Revolutionary War. In a recent post I had confused a couple different John Blaisdells which made it look like polygamy was … Continue reading 1st Cousins 1x Removed

Who was Eva Lord?

There are clues if you look close enough. Beyond the dates and names listed there are relationships, neighbors, and things left unsaid that actually say a lot about the cultural mores that bounded the lives of our ancestors. The people that were listed in census records lived three-dimensional lives complicated by emotions, needs, desires, and … Continue reading Who was Eva Lord?